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Platinum Strip
Dead-Rising-2 FCGlobe
Number of Stores 8
Survivor(s) Doris Elchart
Chad Elchart
Richard Kelly
Psychopath(s) Leon Bell
Evan MacIntyre (Off The Record)
Scoop(s) Lost...
Meet the Contestants
One Man's Trash
Hunger Pains
Snow Job (Off The Record)

The Platinum Strip is one of the areas found in Fortune City. It is an outdoor park area adjacent to the Royal Flush Plaza, the Americana Casino, the Fortune City Hotel, and several other areas.






Points Of InterestEdit

If you climb onto the snack machine outside of Cash Gordon's Casino by the alley that leads to the Safe House, you can climb onto the roof where a giant stuffed elephant, an LMG, a cardboard box, and a folding chair are located. You then can jump to the roof of the Juggz Bar & Grill where gems and a flashlight are located. Continue along the rooftop and then you can jump to Paradise Platinum Screens rooftop to find the Magazine (Psychos).

Maintenance RoomsEdit

Near Arena EntranceEdit

Behind Juggz Bar & GrillEdit

Next to Moe's MaginationsEdit


  • In early gameplay, it showed that the fountain going down to the front of the arena was all big floor lights, and there were burning crashed carts scattered around, it also showed night time was originally going to be darker (similar to the original Dead Rising), all of this was, however, changed in the final version.

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