Pet Food
Dead rising pet food 6
Type Melee
Uses 30 hits
Location Seon's Food and Stuff
Dead Rising
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Pet Food is a weapon in Dead Rising, found only in Seon’s Food and Stuff.

Dead rising pet food throwing (2)
When Frank throws the pet food (Hold Tright and press X), or the pet food breaks in melee combat, the bag explodes and zombies comically slip and fall. But unlike cooking oil and the oil bucket, pet food only works once.


Dead rising infinity mode lindsay harris pet food
*During Infinity Mode, when killed Lindsay Harris will drop three bags of Pet Food, an obvious reference to her dog Madonna.

  • There are four different package designs for the pet food:
Description Description
Dead rising pet food 2 (2) Dog Food Dead rising pet food 2 (3) Dog Food
Dead rising pet food 2 Cat Food Dead rising Pet Food Cat Food
  • When Frank sets the pet food down, often the pet food will unnaturally wave back and forth, with an unrealistic sound effect which sound similar to pool balls rolling, before stopping or tipping over. See Bugs.


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