Dead rising Pegasus
Type Combo Weapon
How to Make Stick Pony + Rocket Fireworks
Uses 1
Strength Great
Speed Fast
PP 100
Fits in Inventory Yes
"Teach those zombies to fly. Then sit back and watch the pretty blood and light show."
—Combo Card Description

The Pegasus is a combo weapon found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining a stick pony with rocket fireworks.

Frank impales a zombie with this weapon and the zombie becomes a flaming firework.[1]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit



  1. E3 2011 Machinima Coverage - Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Live Interview w/ Capcom,, (June 7, 2011). 3:23.
  2. PrestigePointsAwarded0 = "100"
    RewardCondition0 = "6"
  3. PrestigePointsAwarded1 = "250"
    RewardCondition1 = "8"

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