DR4 Paula
Age 26
Status Alive
Voice Actor Merren McMahon

Paula is a character in Dead Rising 4.

Paula is the host of the "Undead Gospel" podcast. She broadcasts information about the outbreak in Willamette to her listeners ("Willamettes") and helps Frank throughout the course of the game. She also tells Frank about the various maniac locations. 

Paula's voice for the podcast is nothing but a facade, which she claims is fun and engaging to her audience. Although Paula seems to enjoy her podcast and believes in helping the people of Willamette, she eventually decides to stop broadcasting after one of her friends is brutually killed in front of her.

Darcy seems to have a crush on her, which she largely dismisses until the end of the game when she thanks Frank for saving her "boyfriend." She is one of the "Persons of Interest" that can be photographed.

Dead Rising 4Edit

Paula contacts Frank at the start of Case 2, after Frank obtains her number from Darcy at the end of Case 1. She asks Frank to come and meet her alone to get information about Obscuris.

When Frank talks to Paula in Old Town, he finds her at an old Obscuris base of operations. From gathering clues at the scene, Frank figures out that Obscuris is running reconnaissance near Dodd's Drugs. Paula warns Frank that there's been a sniper camped on the rooftop for weeks. By the time Frank reaches the Apartment Above Dodd's Drugs however, the place has been abandoned. After gathering more evidence at the apartment, he hears a radio broadcast which directs him to the Old Town Fire Hall, and then later to the Willamette Impound and Junkyard.

When Frank arrives at the junk yard, he finds Paula waiting there for him. Frank asks her to "cover him" while he goes ahead to investigate. She stays behind until Obscuris leaves, taking Darcy with them. She then appears and pleads with Frank to rescue Darcy. She stays behind in Old Town and continues to talk to Frank over radio transmissions.