DR4 Paula
Voice Actor Merren McMahon

Paula is a character in Dead Rising 4.

Paula is the host of the "Undead Gospel" podcast. She broadcasts information about the outbreak in Willamette to her listeners and helps Frank throughout the course of the game.

Dead Rising 4Edit

Paula contacts Frank at the start of Case 1, after Frank obtains her number from Darcy at the end of Case 0. She asks Frank to come and meet her alone to get information about Obscuris.

When Frank talks to Paula in Old Town, he finds her at an old Obscuris base of operations. From gathering clues at the scene, Frank figures out that Obscuris is running reconnaissance out of Dodd's Drugstore. Paula warns Frank that there's been a sniper camped on the rooftop for weeks.

Paula eventually meets Frank at the scrapyard in Old Town. Frank asks her to "cover him" while he goes ahead to investigate.

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