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Type Combo Weapon/Melee
How to make Chainsaw + Paddle
Description Paddle through the sea of zombies, leaving an ocean of blood in your wake!
Uses 60
Strength Great
Attack Speed Slow
PP 250/125
Found Fortune City
Fits in Inventory no

The Paddlesaw is a combo weapon that can be built by Chuck Greene and Frank West. It is a double-ended kayak paddle with a chainsaw duct-taped to each end. It is made by combining a paddle and a chainsaw. It is a heavy weapon and cannot be stored in the player's inventory.


  • Primary: Press the 360 X button button to sway each side up and down, causing dismemberment to zombies on either side of Chuck or Frank
  • Heavy: Hold the 360 X button and Chuck will 'swim' through a group of zombies, paddling as if he were in a kayak.

Combo CardEdit

The appropriate Combo Card is found on the Silver Strip by examining a Paddle Party Massacre movie poster in front of Slot Ranch Casino.

Card LocationEdit


The Paddlesaw can fall through the ground when dropped, losing your Paddlesaw.


  • In an advertisement in the Official Xbox Magazine (October 2010 issue), the paddlesaw is shown with a different appearance; the chainsaws are dark blue and the paddle is wooden.
  • The Paddlesaw is a great weapon against the hunters, as you move and attack at the same time. At high speed and delivering high damage, you can even kill all the hunters without getting damaged.
  • According to the Making Of documentary, the Paddlesaw was one of the first combo weapons to be designed by the development team. It was also one of the first combo weapons ever shown, along with the Slicecycle.
  • When early gameplay footage was released it showed the Paddlesaw laying on the ground pre made, also the Blitzkrieg when you beat the demo.
  • It is shown on the North American and European covers of the case of Dead Rising 2. This makes it one of the three "icon combos" in the franchise, along with the Spiked Bat in the Japenese versions of Dead Rising 2's cover and the Sledgesaw for Dead Rising 3.
  • It is one of the weapons Frank West can use in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It is obtained after reaching his Prestige Point Level to 4 through the Snapshot Special Attack.
  • Although the Paddlesaw shows two Chainsaws, only one Chainsaw is needed to create the Paddlesaw. It shares this trait with the Slicecycle.
  • A good place to make it is the maintenance room to the right of Hot Excitorama, because not only does it have a paddle and chainsaw but is a short walking distance from the poster that gives the combo card.
  • Chuck can be seen holding the Paddlesaw on the game's cover
  • The paddlesaw is available in Dead Rising 3 but only through the pre-order bonus. It is also pre-combined meaning it is not classified as a real combo weapon. A paddlesaw can't be made since there is no paddle in Dead Rising 3.


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