Organ Donor
Dead rising regina give organs
Start Time After completion of Case 2-3: Regroup
End Time 2am, September 30th
"I always wanted a man to give me his heart. Just not like this."

Organ Donor is a mission in Dead Rising 2: Case West triggered by speaking with Regina Dee.

A key item is the Tunnel Key in this mission.


Regina wants a human heart and liver in order to sell for a profit, seeing that she is now out of a job due to the demise of the facility.

She notes that the organs can be found in the labs of the Research Laboratory.

Once receiving the organs, she awards Chuck the key to the Underground Tunnel, where she notes that a crazed survivor fled to.


  • Access to the underground passage between the Loading Bay and the Harvesting Room
  • Mizuki Tanahara becomes savable upon completion.

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