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Organ Donor
Location Various areas
Start Time 4 p.m., September 29 (After completion of Case 2)
End Time 2 a.m., September 30
Psychopath None

Organ Donor is a Mission in Dead Rising 2: Case West. A survivor, Regina Dee, will request that you find some human organs for her to sell after the escape from the facility.


Regina, found in the north-west corner of the Storage Bay, will ask Chuck and Frank to obtain some human organs to sell after she quits her job at Phenotrans and escapes the facility. She will ask for two items.

The Human Heart can be found in the Zombrex Production Lab A in the Research Laboratory.

The Human Liver can be found in the Livestock Dissection Lab, also in the Research Laboratory.

Upon receiving the organs, Regina will give Frank and Chuck the key to an underground passage between the Loading Bay and the Research Laboratory, and also states that she a scientist, Mizuki Tanahara, taking shelter in that passage. She will then proceed to leave the facility.


  • Access to the underground passage between the Loading Bay and the Harvesting Room
  • Mizuki Tanahara becomes savable upon completion.

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