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Novelty Mask (Servbot)
Dead rising Servbot Mask 2
Type Melee
Uses 10 hits
Location Child's Play
Dead Rising
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The Servbot Mask is a weapon and piece of clothing in Dead Rising.

This smiley face mask is modeled after the Servbots found in Mega Man games.

As a weapon, the mask can be slammed onto a zombie's head, blinding and incapacitating it.

As clothing, Frank wears the mask for comic effect.


  • This mask is based on a character from another Capcom series, "Mega Man Legends" also called "servbot".
  • The mask is in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars as one of Frank's Hyper Combos, where he shoves the mask on his opponent and hurls them into a crowd of Zombies before using the Face Crusher move on them.
  • The mask is in Lost Planet 2 as an unlockable mask, it is given to players who have a Dead Rising save on their Xbox 360 or while having a Lost Planet save on their PS3.
  • The mask also looks like the basic head of the popular LEGO mini-figures.
  • In "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3", the mask be seen in Frank West's "Funny Face Crusher" super move.
  • In "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3", the mask be seen in the weapon cart during Frank's "Blue Light Special" super move.
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