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Newspaper Box (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Newspaper Box green
Type Melee
Uses 25
Strength Good
Location Platinum Strip
Fits in Inventory No

The Newspaper Box is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Upon breaking, the newspaper box will yield a newspaper.[Verification needed]


Dead rising newspaper box main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to swing the Newspaper Box

Dead rising newspaper box combo
  • Combo: During main attack , tap X/Square to swing the newspaper box (dead rising 2) again.

Dead rising newspaper box alternate
  • Alternate: Hold X/Square to lift the Newspaper Box (Dead Rising 2) over his head and slam it down, doing more damage.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Ltrigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the X/Square button to throw the Newspaper Box.

Item which appears when a weapon is brokenEdit

All of the items which can appear when a weapon is broken are found in the spreadsheet data/datafile.big/breakable.csv.

The item which appears when the Newspaper Box (Dead Rising 2) is broken depends on what number the item is assigned when placed in the area files.[1][2]

The numbers appear to be off by one. For example, the 31 large planters is 55, yet these planters spawn scissors and handguns, which is listed as 56 and is called LD_LargePlanter.


Dead rising Newspaper Box green
  • Newspaper boxes are in red and green.
  • The red newspaper boxes all advertise the same thing, an adult magazine entitled Lady Lucky.
  • The green newspaper boxes contain papers from the Fortune City Daily.
  • Newspapers on weekdays cost 35 ¢ while on Sundays, they cost 65 ¢.
  • In the PC game file, items.txt there are two types of boxes:
AlternateTextureName0 = "data/models/weapons/newspaperbox_adult1"
AlternateTextureName1 = "data/models/weapons/newspaperbox_adult2"



  1. All of these items which can appear when a weapon is broken are found in the spreadsheet data/datafile.big/breakable.csv. When the game designers placed an item, they usually added a SpawnPropFromCategory line to that item with a number. This number corresponds to a column in data/datafile.big/breakable.csv. For example:

    cItemPlacement Garbage
    ItemName= "GarbageCan_4"
    Location= "-357.314,-5.228,-56.598"
    Rotation= "-0.001,-0.316,0.000,0.949"
    SpawnPropFromCategory= "62"

    From #62 here, which is from data/datafile.big/breakable.csv you can see that the broken GarbageCan_4 will create either:

    1. Snack
    2. Spoiled Hot Dog
    3. Spray Paint
    4. Box of Nails
  2. Ten weapons have a positive default number in items.txt listed under SpawnPropFromCategoryByDefault. This means that when one of these 10 weapons are placed in an area with no SpawnPropFromCategory line, items will still appear when the weapon is broken. Both the handbag and the treasure chest do not have a default number, so when these items are placed with no SpawnPropFromCategory line, no item will appear when the handbag and treasure chest is broken.
  3. Since there is no column 0 in data/datafile.big/breakable.csv, these items by default do not spawn anything.
  4. TrainThrowGarbageCan, TrainThrowGarbage Bag, and TrainThrowBin.
  5. Confusingly, the 1 default category is called Garbage_Bag, even though the default category for garbage bags is 0.
  6. GarbageCan_1, GarbageCan_2, GarbageCan_3, GarbageCan_4, CardboardBox, PlasticBin

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