DR3 TLA 06 Hacking the Hacker
Location Sunset Dance & Art Studio
Mission(s) Talk to the Hacker in Sunset Hills
Talk to Nelson
Give Nelson Zombrex
Talk to Nelson
Go See the Hacker
Pick Up Nelson

Nelson is a character in Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent.

He hides in the dance studio in Sunset Hills and is a computer expert but is also referred to as a hacker.

The Last AgentEdit

Nelson is found in the dance studio killing zombies. Once all zombies all cleared, he will begin to talk about the ZDC and how he needs computer parts. After finding these parts, he and Brad head over to Annie's XXX in South Almuda. He will tell Brad to explore. Once Brad returns, Nelson tells him the military is using his ZDC chip to track him.

Nelson isn't seen again until picking him up at the end of the story.


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