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Money Hacker
Type Combo Weapon
Description A hyper-enhanced flashlight, used to short out electrical devices. And Zombies.
How to Make Computer Case + Flashlight
Uses 100%
Strength Great
Speed Fast
Location Workbenches
PP 100/50
Fits in Inventory yes

The Money Hacker is a combo weapon that can be made by Chuck and Frank in Fortune City. It is created by combining a computer case with a flashlight.

The Money Hacker makes any machine capable of dispensing or taking money that can be damaged to give out x4 its normal amount except cash registers. For example, Slot Machines reward $300 for normally winning (without magazines), the hacker will make it provide $1,200 destroying the machine in the process.

It can be used to shock enemies and hack ATMs, slot machines ($1,200 per slot machine), gun machines ($400) and snack machines ($400 per machine) to make them eject more cash than normally. ($2,500 per ATM if smashed open, $10,000 if the hacker on a non-smashed ATM or $5000 per ATM if smashed and $20,000 if the money hacker is used in Off the Record).

The hacker itself lasts for about 6 ATMs if used correctly, as the battery drains completely in less than three seconds of total use. At the maintenance room beside Finders Peepers are both the flashlight and computer case available.

Tips Edit

  • The Hacker is not an effective use of self defense, switch to a different weapon to avoid draining its durability.
  • You can be interrupted during the hack if you sustain damage from a zombie or a mercenary, so make sure there is no nearby enemies while you're hacking since it takes only one hit to disrupt Frank or Chuck's progress.
  • ATMs appear to have slight resistance towards the Hacker, so in that case it's better off to hack slot machines since ATMs can drain your Hacker's durability at an alarming rate.


  • "Hacking" is a popular term for manipulating computer data. It's likely that the device was named for this, noting its ability to "hack" ATMs.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record the Hacker is called the Money Hacker, and can be made rather easily using components near the first workbench Frank encounters.
  • The Looters in OTR can be found wielding Money Hackers.
  • This weapon is likely a successor to the Stun Gun from Dead Rising.
  • The weapon may be slightly inspired by the trademark 'Sonic Screwdriver' device from the long-running television series 'Doctor Who', as both are elongated, rod-like objects that emit light when activated, are mostly held in one hand during use, and are capable of overriding machinery/incapacitating enemies.


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