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Milk (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Milk
Type Food
Health HealthHealthHealthHealth
Found Seon's Food and Stuff
Meat Processing Area
Frozen Dreams
Colombian Roastmasters
Cardboard Boxes
Dead Rising Food
Dead Rising
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Milk is food in Dead Rising which heals Frank and survivors.

Milk can be found in various areas of the mall, including Seon's Food & Stuff, the Meat Processing Area, Frozen Dreams in the Food Court and Colombian Roastmasters. Milk can also be found in cardboard boxes. It comes in two different appearances: carton and jug.

Both the carton and the jug need to be drunk for the Gourmet achievement.[Verification needed]


  • There are four different milks, the only difference is their appearance. Only the gallon jug and blue green carton is found outside of Seon's Food & Stuff.
Description Description
Dead rising Milk Gallon of milk Dead rising Milk (3)
Dead rising Milk (4) Dead rising Milk 2 Skimmed milk


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