Meryl Jefferson
Location The Burgess-Dawson
Mission(s) Memory Lane
PP 40,000

"That's sweet of you, dear, but no thank you. I've had a wonderful life and I'm not afraid to die. Now you get going to somewhere safe, you hear?"
—Meryl's last words to Nick

Meryl Jefferson is a survivor in Dead Rising 3. She appears in the side quest Memory Lane during Chapter 7.

Memory LaneEdit

Nick Ramos will find Meryl Jefferson at the Central City Hotel, upstairs by the pool. Upon talking to Meryl, she will tell Nick that she has cancer and asks Nick to take her around town, to which he says it's no time for nostalgia. Nick will lead Meryl to the lobby of the hotel and she will tell him about how she met her husband, Fredrick and how they spent their one-year anniversary together.

After this, Nick will lead her to Charms of Desire and she'll tell him how her husband bought her wedding ring from here and how she chipped her tooth when she bit into it, not believing it was real gold.

Their third stop is at the Old Still House '97 Diner in South Almuda. Meryl tells Nick how foolish city hall was when they wanted to build a shopping mall in this location. Meryl then has Nick take her to St. Keith's Memorial Grounds in Ingleton so she could see her son who was buried because he was bitten and they couldn't afford Zombrex. 

Finally, Nick escorts Meryl back to her home in Sunset Hills. When she arrives at her home, she and Nick will say their last words to each other before Meryl goes upstairs so that she can die. Once Nick is far enough away, the message Meryl has passed away will appear on-screen, ending the mission.


  • Toughness 3/5
  • Strength 2/5
  • Ranged 2/5
  • Break Out 1/5
  • Run Speed 2/5   

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