Merc Assault Rifle
Type Firearm
Uses 30 Rounds
Strength Great
Location Mercenaries
Military Cases
Atlantica Casino
High-Noon Shooting Range
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Merc Assault Rifle, sometimes abbreviated MAR is a weapon found in Dead Rising 2.

It gets its name from the Mercenaries that have made it their weapon of choice. It comes equipped with a scope that makes aiming and accuracy at medium range a fairly simple task, this weapon benefits from packing a stronger punch as well as being fully automatic.

The Merc Assault Rifle can be combined with an Electric Chair to make a Blitzkrieg.

The firearm only comes with a 30-round magazine, so it's best to conserve ammo by firing in short bursts. Players should be cautious at how and when they use this firearm as holding the trigger down will have the gun eating through the ammo in mere seconds without much accuracy.[1]

The Merc Assault Rifle’s strength is in short controlled bursts that will deal a hefty amount of damage without sacrificing accuracy. This is a powerful weapon to use against Psychopaths as well as the mercenaries themselves. The Merc should be choosen over both the Shotgun and the Handgun.[1]

It can be taken from any mercenary Chuck kills. After the battle with TK’s helicopter, it will be found by the elevators just as Chuck enters Fortune City Hotel.[1]


Dead rising merc assault rifle main
*Main: Tap X/Square to shoot the Merc Assault Rifle.


  • The weapon model is a SIG SG 552 Commando[1] with an optical sight and a front grip.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Case West the weapon is renamed the Security AR.
  • A review of dead rising 2 firearms states: "The Merc Assault Rifle gets a solid 8/10, but if a player has to choose between a Shotgun or the Merc AR it is recommended that player opts for the [Merc AR]."[1]
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the Merc Assault rifle's capacity is now 45 rounds, making it even more useful than before.



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