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Megaman Outfit

The Mega Man Outfit is an unlockable costume in Dead Rising.

The suit is unlocked in different parts. If you want the outfit to be really convincing you should also unlock the Real Mega Buster.


To unlock the boots you must first obtain the achievement "Unbreakable". Contrary to popular belief, the boots do not prevent weapons from breaking.


To unlock the tights you must defeat ten Psychopaths, getting the achievement "Punisher"


The helmet isn't unlockable with an achievement, but is instead found at the gift shop in Colby's Movieland.


The suit is an obvious reference to Mega Man, another game series by Capcom.

  • Although it is called "Mega Man Outfit", it is mostly based on X's armor, rather than the Original Mega Man's armor.
  • Robotic noises can be heard while wearing the suit as Frank moves around. The boots also emit a louder noise while walking.
  • While wearing the helmet, Frank is completely bald.
  • The costume is also featured in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom as an available alternate costume for Frank West, as part of the "Rising Dead" DLC costume pack.
  • Frank wears this costume in one of his supers in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
  • When wearing the complete outfit, Frank loses the ability to walk slowly. (Instead he begins to run on the slightest press on the left stick)
  • While wearing the complete suit, including the Real Mega Buster or Mega Buster, Frank will perform a different idle animation. This also keeps Frank from making any vocal noises he usually makes if holding a different item.


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