Dead Rising Dead Rising 3 

Mega Buster (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Mega Buster
Type Firearm
Uses 30 shots
Location Colby's Movieland
Dead Rising
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The Mega Buster is a weapon in Dead Rising found in the Colby's Movieland gift shop.

This toy shoots out 30 small yellow balls and is a weak weapon. It is a toy version of Mega Man's Real Mega Buster, which is an unlockable weapon in the game.


  • The mega buster toy is twice as strong as the Toy Laser Sword and Rat Stick. If Frank shoots a thin lady zombie at level one, it takes only 4 hits with the mega buster to kill the woman, but 8 hits with the Toy Laser Sword and Rat Stick.
  • The game confusingly calls this toy a "Mega Buster", and calls the actual weapon the "Real Mega Buster".


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