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Meat Cleaver (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Meat Cleaver
Type Melee
Uses 30 hits
Location Meat Processing Area
Dead Rising
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The Meat Cleaver is a weapon in Dead Rising.

The meat cleaver is a unique psychopath weapon, only found in the Meat Processing Area after defeating Larry Chiang, the final psychopath battle in 72 Hour Mode during Case 8-4: The Butcher.[1]

The meat cleaver is just as an effective weapon as the Small Chainsaw and Machete, but its major drawback is it has a very short lifespan even with the Criminal Biography book.[1] It has a slashing movement that can cut off limbs similar to these two weapons.


  • This is one of the weapons which the Official guide misnames, calling it the "Chinese Cleaver". The other misnamed weapon is the Machete which the guide calls a "Combat Knife". (See Official guide list of weapons)[2]
  • The meat cleaver always has blood on it, even if Frank has not killed anyone with it yet.



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