Master Dog
Type Food/Meat
Health HealthHealthHealthHealthHealthHealthHealthHealthHealthHealth
Locations Pirate's Catch Seafood Restaurant

The Master Dog is a healing item in Dead Rising 3.

It is the best healing item in the game, and will heal Nick's health by 1,000 (equivalent to 10 health blocks).

The master dog is obtained from Jorge Ruiz after completing the side mission Dog Gone! It is made using smoked meat, habaneros, diced onions, chili sauce, salt, pepper and bacon.

Completing this side quest is the only way to unlock the master dog. The master dog will respawn in the Pirate's Catch after some time has passed.


  • The Master Dog is spelled as both "Masterdog" and "Master Dog" in the official game guide.
  • It is currently the best healing item that has ever existed in the whole Dead Rising series.

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