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In Dead Rising 2, Magazines are equivalent to the Books of Dead Rising. Carrying one in your inventory will produce the described effect. Their effects stack, and they re-spawn if dropped, but only one of each will spawn in a given game at any given time - if another player is carrying one in co-op mode, copies will not appear.

Combo Weapons are NOT affected by magazines.


Magazine bonuses which affect durability do not add to each others effects (i.e. x3 -> x6 -> x9 for 1, 2, and 3 mags) — instead, their effects multiply. For example, if you have a sports magazine, a games magazine, and a baseball bat, the bat's usual 30 uses will be multiplied by each magazine's effect (30 x 3 x 3), giving the bat 270 uses! If you pick up an amusement magazine as well, the bat will last for 810 uses. In short, 1 magazine = x3 durability, 2 magazines = x9 durability, and 3 magazines = a whopping x27 durability! Weapons that can be triple-booked are:

However, magazines that apply to PP and money by percentages (10% discount from Bargaining mags) stack normally, meaning that with Bargaining 1 and 2 in your inventory, you get 20% off when buying items.

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