Dead rising Machinegun
Type Firearm
Damage 100 (Primary)
150 (Headshot)
Uses 150 shots
Location Survivor Brett Styles

Held by Special Forces

Dead Rising
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The Machinegun is a fully automatic rifle in Dead Rising capable of firing 150 shots before running out of ammunition.

The machinegun is used by survivor Brett Styles, found in the Huntin' Shack store during the unmarked scoop Gun Shop Standoff, and the Special Forces that have been sent to clear out the Willamette Parkview Mall, during the final case file, The Facts: Memories, as well as Overtime Mode. The machinegun is easily the best firearm in the game, and really one of the better weapons overall. Its magazine contains 150 rounds, which is more than any other gun, and it only takes one burst of three or four rounds to kill a zombie and roughly 30 rounds to kill one of the Special Forces soldiers. However, Frank shouldn't try to use this weapon against the Special Forces soldiers if Frank is on the same height level as them, as their fire will stun Frank and make it hard for Frank to shoot back.

The easiest way to kill the Special Forces is to rush one with a powerful weapon like the battle axe or katana, kill him, take his assault rifle, then climb on top of something high enough that they cannot return fire and shoot when reinforcements arrive.

For example, the Wonderland Plaza block building with the sub-machine gun atop it in works well for escaping special forces, as do the tops of the shelves in the Warehouse.

A headshot will instantly kill any zombie.


  • Primary: Pressing 360 X button without aiming will result with Frank spraying the gun in the direction he is facing.
  • Thrown: Holding down Righttrigger and pressing 360 X button will make Frank shoot the gun in the middle of the crosshair seen while aiming.


  • It is visibly based on a modified M4A1 in Dead Rising and an M4 in Dead Rising 2.
  • Brett Styles is the only survivor who comes equipped with a machinegun. Even so, if Brett dies, or if Frank gives him another item, he can pick up his machinegun and give to any other survivor.
  • During Infinity Mode, the Machinegun can be found in the warehouse of Colby's Movieland after beating Sean Keanan when he is in the theater area.
  • It should be noted that the Machinegun has a Grenade Launcher attachment, although none of the Special Forces soldiers are seen using this attachment nor this option is used in game.
  • The achievement Perfect Gunner is directly tied to this weapon, and requires Frank to fire all 150 shots into a target without missing. A simple way to get this achievement is to go to the underground meat processing facility, aim the machine gun at a hanging slab of meat, and fire all 150 shots at it to receive the achievement. Be careful as a miss will require Frank to repeat the entire process again.


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