Leisure Park
Leisure Park
Number of Store(s) None
Psychopath Convicts
True Eye
Survivor(s) Sid
Sophie Richards
Scoop(s) Prisoners
Dead Rising
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Leisure Park is a park in the middle of the mall in Dead Rising with entrances leading to the Food Court, Paradise Plaza and North Plaza. It also connects to the maintenance tunnels, which can be accessed through an alley and a parking lot.

The park is home to a large clock tower in the center of the park, several benches and ponds, gardens and a pavilion with picnic tables. Also in the park is a small warehouse where the True Eye cult inhabit. Frank will find himself in the warehouse if he is captured, wearing nothing but his underwear and, in some cases, whatever headgear he had been wearing. The only way out is by defeating the cult members inside, so you can get the door key.

At night on the first day, convicts will show up and will chase Sophie after killing Sid, and will show up many more times. At the beginning of the game it is the only way to get from Paradise Plaza since the gate is closed between Paradise Plaza and the Entrance Plaza.

Towards noon on the final day, a helicopter crashes into the clock tower, revealing a tunnel full of zombies. Frank West and Isabela Keyes use this tunnel to escape the mall since all other exits are blocked off by the Special Forces.

True EyeEdit

The True Eye cult have a hideout in the warehouse located in the park, between the entrances to the Paradise Plaza and the North Plaza. In the event Frank is captured by the cult members, Frank will be stripped of clothes, weapons and equipment and locked in the warehouse, along with a dozen cultists. The only way out is to kill the cultists to retrieve the passcode. Once Frank receives the passcode, he can escape, back into the park.


Leisure Park map

Prestige point stickersEdit

Leisure ParkEdit
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Dead rising pp maintence tunnels sign Leisure Park 11'5" clearance sign near the Entrance to Maintenance Tunnels
Dead rising pp leisure park clock Leisure Park North-west face of the clock tower, clock face
Dead rising pp leisure park clock (4) Leisure Park North-east face of the clock tower, clock face (jump onto the roof of the picnic area to get this photo)
Dead rising pp leisure park clock (5) Leisure Park South side of the clock tower, clock face
Dead rising pp cultist's hideout Cult Hideout[1] Leisure Park Red sheet with the eye painted on it
Cultists' Hideout extras Cult Hideout[1] Leisure Park Ticky the Fox cut out near the red sheet


  • Barefeet clothing is in the middle of one of the ponds.
  • In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, the park has been greatly reduced in size. Also, a fountain has been placed in the center of the park.
  • Even though Leisure Park is one of the largest places in the game, it has the least amount of psychopaths and survivors in the mall.
  • At noon, the clock tower in the center of the park will chime twelve times.



  1. a b Frank must get abducted by the yellow raincoat cult to access the Cult Hideout

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