Dead rising Leadership
Location One Little Duck Bingo
Effect Survivors are more effective while in the party.

The Leadership is a magazine in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Survivors are more effective while in Chuck's party. Many survivors who normally require a "offer shoulder" or full "carry" action are restored to normal mobility by the Leadership magazine. This is possibly the most important buff, because it allows Chuck to shepherd more than one disabled survivor. The magazine can be found in One Little Duck Bingo on the Silver Strip, on the center counter. In Off the Record, it can be found in Ragazines on the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza, in front of the shelf closest to the entrance.

Affected SurvivorsEdit

Survivors who normally need to be carried can walk normally:

Survivors who normally need to be supported can walk normally:

Tammy Blaine is the only survivor to not be affected by the magazine as she cannot walk due to her costume.


  • Dead Rising's Brainwashing Tips book also controlled survivors but it was given late in the game. In contrast, the Leadership magazine is available much earlier in Dead Rising 2.
  • The name of the magazine is Leadership for Losers.
  • The magazine is called "cKnowledgeItem Magazine_Leadership_For_Losers" in the items.txt PC game file.
  • Wallace Hertzog is on the cover of the magazine.