Lauren Staples
Location Los Perdidos Communication Tower
Mission(s) Talk to Lauren

Return to Lauren
The Hunted

Lauren Staples is a survivor and posse member in Dead Rising 3.

She acts as a gatekeeper for the Illegals hideout at the Los Perdidos Communication Tower. She will ask Nick to bring her the Tattoo Kit and Ring Box that she's lost before she will allow him inside to find Annie during Chapter 3.

She gets kidnapped by the Special Forces during Chapter 4 and appears in the side mission The Hunted.

The HuntedEdit

After rescuing Doug Trent, Jamie Flynt will call Nick about the "tattooed babe from earlier" who is held up at the Industry Tunnel.

When Nick arrives, he must defeat all of the Spec Ops and untie Lauren. Afterwards, she can be recruited. 


  • Toughness 3/5
  • Strength 4/5
  • Ranged 3/5
  • Break Out 4/5
  • Run Speed 3/5


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