The Knight Boots are clothing found in Dead Rising 2. It has no special effects by itself, behaving like normal feet wear.

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The Knight Boots is one of four items for the Knight set of clothing, which when combined with the 3 other items, will give Chuck a secondary health bar which, when depleted, breaks the armor and leaves Chuck in his boxers.

The armor's health:

  • cannot be healed with food items
  • moving to a new area will reset the armor's health
  • removing a piece of the armor and putting it back on at a clothing store will reset the armor's health.

In addition, objects thrown by chuck such as spears, lances and knives will travel much further.[Verification needed]

Required items
  1. Knight Armor: Get the S Rank ending.
  2. Knight Helmet: Rescue Jack Ellis in Welcome to the Family, then beat him in poker in Ante Up.
  3. Knight Boots: At Moe's Maginations, for 2,000,000 dollars (1,600,000 if you have both Bargaining 1 and Bargaining 2 magazines in your inventory).
  4. Full Beard Moustache: In the Wave of Style store located in Royal Flush Plaza.

All the parts of the armor will stay in a locker in the Safe House restroom. Chuck can equip and unequip it at any time.

The Knight Armor is the only clothing with secondary effects that isn't a Skill Pack.


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