Jazz Hands
Jazz Hands Blueprints
Type Combo Weapon
Awesomeness 8
Combine MMA Gloves + Handgun
Strength High
Location Bibi's Box
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Jazz Hands are a combo weapon in Dead Rising 3.

It is created by combining MMA Gloves and a handgun. The blueprints are found on stage in Bibi's Box and can be found when rescuing Annie during Chapter 7It is a pair of gloves with gun barrels on each finger. The bullets are fired through the finger barrels.

The Jazz hands are excellent at both dealing with large crowds of zombies and giving a large amount of PP,  because it can fire 8 medium damaged in different directions and with rapid a fire rate.


  • Hip-Fire: Pressing 360 X button will cause Nick to twitch his Jazz Hands which results in a crooked trajectory at long range but still deadly at close range.
  • Bullet Storm: Pressing Ybutton will cause Nick to use both Jazz hands and will fire them at full auto while spinning around slowly 4 time before stopping. This move is quite useful for creating enough breathing room to craft a combo weapon.


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