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Jason (Mission Survivor)

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Jason (Mission Survivor)
Weapon Meat Cleaver
Location Jason's House
Mission(s) Family Style Dining

Jason is a survivor in Dead Rising 3.

He is looking for food to feed his now zombified family members during the side mission Family Style Dining.

If his family is attacked or a posse member is present during the mission, he will defect. if killed, he will drop his Meat Cleaver, which can not be combined with any weapons

Family Style DiningEdit

Nick can find Jason standing over a pool at his house in Sunset Hills. A group of zombies, who are his now zombified family are in the pool. He plans to feed his "family", in case there is a cure developed.

He will ask that Nick bring him some sort of meat to feed his mother. When Nick returns with the food, the side quest will be completed.

If his family is attacked, the side mission will automatically become unavailable.

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