Ingleton (DR3)
Location Los Perdidos
Survivor(s) Anna Hong
Simon Merkin
Christine Emerie
Kelsey Louise
Psychopath(s) Harry "Zhi" Wong
Darlene Fleischermacher
Mission(s) All You Can Eat
Darker Gods
Garden of Peace
Kin & Comfort
Love Thy Neighbor
Signs of Safety
Speed Freak
"The area thrived in the early part of the twentieth century before falling into poverty and disrepair, and many examples of historic "Americana" architecture can still be found here."
—Map Description

Ingleton is one of four districts within Los Perdidos in Dead Rising 3.

It is described as being themed around an "Americana" theme. Over time, however, the district fell into poverty. It is the poorest and least maintained district within Los Perdidos. Many buildings are in disarray and only low income housing is available. 




  • Ingleton could possibly be named and based on real-life Inglewood, California.


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