House Under Construction
House Under Construction Exterior
Store Number SH115
Location Sunset Hills
Mission(s) Find Lauren's Ring Box
"Houses under construction have traditionally been used by the illegals as gathering places and squats. Once cleared of zombies, this should provide an excellent save haven."
—Smartglass Description

The House Under Construction is a location in Dead Rising 3.

This location was used a safe place for the Illegals before it was overrun by thugs and zombies. This incomplete home can be found near the North Bridge in Sunset Hills. During Chapter 3, Nick must come here to retrieve Lauren's wedding ring. It is unaccessible as a safe house location until Chapter 3. 

The safehouse contains the Defiler blueprint and the Undead Solutions book for Nick. The house has been taken over by some of Hunter's biker thugs, but once it has been cleared out, it can be used as a safe house.