Job Orderly

Honda is a character in the film Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun. He is an orderly at the hospital where Mary works at.


At the hospital, several of the patients began turning into zombies, attacking others. In a room, several patients were cowering in fear as Honda the orderly attempted to restrain a loose zombie.

As Mary and a doctor were trying to flee, the zombie took a bit out of the doctor's hand, prompting Honda to grab a fire extinguisher and eliminate the zombie threat. Later, when Mary and a nurse are trying to calm Mr. Goto, he saves Mary from another zombie, despite her being bitten.

Honda can be seen driving through the streets with Mary and an injured doctor in the backseat. After the doctor reanimates into a zombie, he begins attacking Mary, so Honda takes off his seatbelt and attempts to pull the doctor off as he is driving. Unfortunately, Honda crashes into the warehouse after swerving to avoid a zombie and is thrown through the windshield, instantly killed.


  • English version writer/producer/director William Winckler is also the voice of Honda.


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