High Rollers
Dead rising High Rollers
Location Atlantica Casino Poker Room
Start Time 1AM, September 27th
End Time 1PM, September 27th
Survivor(s) Jessica Howe
Jacob Skinner
Nevada Slim
PP 15,000 (Join, Each)

30,000 (Escort, Each)

"Poker? Is everyone in this freaking town insane?"
Chuck talking to Jacob

High Rollers is an unmarked mission in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It involves three people, Jacob, Nevada, and Jessica. They will not join Chuck's party unless all three are knocked out of a poker game.


Chuck finds three people, Jessica Howe, Nevada Slim, and Jacob Skinner, loitering in the Atlantica Casino. They will not budge from their position without a game of poker. Chuck's best bet is to play the game smart and sometimes bluff if necessary. In order to play, Chuck must put $100,000 down. Beat all three and they will join your party. Chuck wins $1,000,000 if he defeats all three of these players.

Each of the players have a distinct personality. Nevada is fairly gung-ho and willing to bet quite heavily on even the most meager of hands. Jacob is fairly conservative until it's down to Chuck and him, although when he has what he thinks is a good hand he will bet a lot of his money. Jessica is incredibly meek, often folding unless she has a very good hand. It takes a bit get her to do anything other than check or call your bet.[1]

A quicker way to beat the trio is to pick up the three gambling magazines. The magazines will give Chuck better cards and have his opponents put in more money, leading to them losing faster.

Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.

Poker Rules and TipsEdit

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  • Due to the large sum of money ($1,000,000), High Rollers is the most profitable mission in Dead Rising 2.
    • During Coop, the prize money is split between the two players ($500,000 each).
  • Chuck can only read messages when it is his turn, but he can answer urgent calls no matter whose turn it is.
  • An easier and quicker way to beat the trio in poker is to go to the Palisades Mall, the Royal Flush Plaza, and the Shamrock Casino to get the gambling magazines. The magazines will give Chuck better cards and have his opponents put in more money, leading to their loss quicker.
  • If you lose a game, you can try again for another $100,000.
    • ​However, any player you have knocked out already would no longer be participating making succeeding games easier.


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