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Health 2 (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Health 2 (Dead Rising 2) (2)
Location Yucatan Casino
Hungry Joe's Pizzeria
Secure Lab
Effect Health restoration items are boosted by 100%.

Health 2 is a magazine in Dead Rising 2, Case West and Off the Record. When carried in inventory, food's health restoration is boosted by 100%.


Dead rising magazine health 2 secure lab observatory

Case West

Dead rising health 2 location secure labratory secure lab observatory

Case West Map

Dead Rising 2

Off the Record

Dead Rising 2: Case West


  • The name of the magazine is The World Chef.
  • The magazine is called "cKnowledgeItem Magazine_Food_The_World_Chef" in the items.txt PC game file.
  • The chef in the magazine cover may be Antoine Thomas.

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