Having a Gas
Description Killed 1,000 gas zombies. As if zombies weren't bad enough...
Trophy/Points Value 20 G

Having A Gas is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2. It is earned by killing 1,000 gas zombies.

In order for gas zombies to appear, the game must be played up until after Case 6-1: Help Arrives.


1. Unlock the bike after defeating Leon Bell during the mission Meet the Contestants.

2. After the failure of the military and the rescue of Rebecca Chang, you have time during Case 7-2: The Only Lead.

3. Grab the Bikes magazine from the Slot Ranch Casino in the room with the vault.

4. Grab a Chainsaw from the Maintenance Room near Hot Excitorama and bring it to Leon's trailer to attach it to the bike.

5. After you have the modified motorcycle, you should be able to drive through zombies on the strip or in the underground until your bike breaks. Each time you want to drive the bike again, you will need to attach the chainsaw in order to modify the bike again.

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