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Handgun (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Handgun
Type Firearm
Uses 30 rounds
Location In garbage cans
Policemen zombies
Huntin' Shack
Dead Rising
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The handgun is a weapon in Dead Rising.

The handgun is the second firearm Frank gets in the game (if Frank got the Entrance Plaza shotgun when the mall is first overrun by zombies). It doesn't have much stopping power, and has 30 shots. It is useful for taking out single zombies or early bosses. It is a firearm designed to be able to be operated with one hand, though in-game, it is mostly used with both hands.

A majority of the police zombies carry guns, which they drop if attacked. It is not necessary to kill them; you only have to hit them or bump into them.


  • Primary:: Tap the 360 X button button to fire the handgun. If Frank is moving, he will fire in front of him; if he is remaining still, he will automatically aim at the nearest target.
  • Aim: Hold down the Righttrigger trigger to go into aim mode then press the 360 X button button to fire the handgun at a specific target.


  • In Infinity Mode, the handgun is used by Pamela Tompkins, Kent Swanson, Jo Slade, and Mindy Baker.
  • Be careful when giving this weapon to the survivors in your party. If they are surrounded, a small cutscene will play, showing them panicking, and committing suicide by shooting themselves in the head.
  • Don't give this weapon to Ross Folk when he asks for one. If Frank does, he will shoot himself, causing Tonya Waters to defect and become unrecruitable.
  • The handgun is a Colt M1911 in gameplay, but a SIG Sauer P228 in cutscenes.


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