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Green Spray Paint
Dead rising Green Spray Paint
Uses 100%
Strength Joke
Location See article
Fits in Inventory Yes

The green spray paint is a weapon in Dead Rising 2. It can be used to paint Chuck's motorbike. It (like any other spray paint) can be combined with a pylon to make an Air Horn. It has no effect on zombies.

Using any spray paint color on all the Zombrex Posters in the game will grant an Improper Behavior achievement.


Case ZeroEdit

Dead Rising 2Edit

  1. The American Historium
  2. Atlantica Casino
  3. Food Court
  4. Fortune City Arena
  5. Fortune Park
  6. High-Noon Shooting Range
  7. Platinum Strip
  8. Royal Flush Plaza
  9. In the Closet
  10. Silver Strip
  11. South Plaza


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  • The default color is Green Spray Paint. In the PC files, to create one of the other four colors of spray paint, each color has a subtype:
Dead rising Red Spray Paint TextureSubType= "1"= Red Spray Paint
Dead rising Blue Spray Paint TextureSubType= "2"= Blue Spray Paint
Dead rising Green Spray Paint TextureSubType= "3"= Green Spray Paint
Dead rising USA Spray Paint TextureSubType= "4"= USA Spray Paint
Dead rising Purple Spray Paint TextureSubType= "5"= Purple Spray Paint[1]
Dead rising all spray paint



  1. For example to create USA Spray Paint in The American Historium a person would add the following to data/datafile.big/americana_casino.txt:
    cItemPlacement Spraypaint_usa
    ItemName= "Spraypaint"
    Location= "-405.180,-3.502,-36.695"
    TextureSubType= "4"