Gemini's Request
Gemini side quest
Location Quarantine Zone
Brockett Gas Station
Start Time Unknown
End Time Unknown
Survivor(s) Gemini Vargas
Psychopath(s) None

Gemini's Request is an unmarked mission in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. It takes place in the Brockett Gas Station in the afternoon. It involves returning Gemini Vargas' gems to her.


Gemini Vargas is found weeping in the junkyard at the Brockett Gas Station. She explains that all the money that she has won from Las Vegas has caused nothing but trouble for her. The only things that were precious to her were the gems that her husband Fausto had bought her when they first got married. Unfortunately, she had to leave them behind at the Quarantine Zone during the zombie outbreak.

Once Chuck returns the gems to Gemini, she gives him the remaining half of their winnings out of gratitude.




Prestige PointsEdit

  • Gemini Vargas
    • Fulfillment Bonus: 2,000 PP


  • $15,000
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