Funny Painting
Type Melee
Uses 1
Strength Joke
Location The Cleroux Collection

The Funny Painting is a weapon found in Dead Rising 2.

The Funny Painting is only available during the Art Appreciation scoop. The artist, Randolph Allen is upset about his painting and wants Chuck to buy it for $3,000. It is one of the gifts Chuck can give to Katey.


Dead rising funny painting main
  • Main: X/Square Slam over a zombie to pin their hands at their sides to prevent them from attacking Chuck.


  • While the zombie's arms are pinned, the zombie will still actively follow Chuck around.
  • If a second painting is smashed over the zombie while it is trapped with the first painting, the second painting will be damaged and drop. The first painting will remain on the trapped zombie.
  • Hitting the zombie while the zombie is pinned will release the zombie from the painting - the zombie can then again attack Chuck.
  • Even though the art is carried like a heavy weapon, with two hands, it still fits in Chuck's inventory.
  • The funny painting is part of the following achievements:
  • In Off the Recordit is renamed "Depressing Painting". Taking a picture of the Depressing Painting will give a Horror bonus.


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