Frank vs. The Cult
Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop frank vs cult
Difficulty StarStarStar
Item Stock Ceremonial Sword
Well Done Steak
Semi-Auto (36 ammo)
Blacktail (100 ammo)
Enemies 30 Cultists
Sean Keanan
Location Colby's Movieland
Mission Number 15
"That cult leader is gatherin' followers, Frank! Now's your chance to take care of 'em all at once!"

Frank vs. The Cult is an Odd Job that in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

"You have to fight the True Eye cult (yet again), but also Sean Keanan (the cult leader) at the same time. I found this one to be difficult at first, but it's not hard if you are quick. Before the mission starts, hold the B button. It is essential that your weapon is drawn right when the mission starts. Now, quickly kill the group of cultists in front of you.

Once they are dead, repeat the process. Do NOT let any cultists climb up the stairs to where Frank is; that will make the mission harder than it should be. If they do, quickly take them out. Now, Sean may start to run up the stairs. Just keep shooting everyone with the Riot Gun. If anyone pulls out dynamite, you have to kill them fast before they get to you. Kill Sean and the 30 cultists quickly enough, and you'll get the S rank."[1]


  • It is best to eliminate the cultists as they make their way up the stairwell as this will help when fighting Sean Keanan when he attacks also.
  • Frank will be wearing a Novelty Mask (Ghoul) and a White Suit in this mission.


  1. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - Odd Jobs, S Ranks (Missions 12-15) (3/6), Youtube.

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