"Hello there! Frank West here, famous photographer!"
—-Frank's Commercial Intro
Frank's fantastic photo facts

Frank's Fantastic Foto Facts is a collection of trailers for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, in this trailer; Frank West tries to teach his abilities with the camera, this also is a commercial to promote the Digi-Cheap Camera.

The CommercialEdit

The trailers consist in a kind of commercial, in every one Frank tries to teach his Foto Facts. These facts are consisted in better compositions in the shot, using the rule of thirds, or deleting the red eyes of the zombies. These facts may be real tips for the Dead Rising 2: Off the Record game.



This Commercials have a simple basic formula, Frank appears saying: "Hello there! Frank West here, famous photographer! I bet you like to take KILLER PHOTOS, just like me! NOW YOU CAN, with your very own disposable, digi-cheap disposable camera, and, if you like Frank's Fantastic Foto Facts:" later he teaches the people tips for a good shot "Just like him", when he finishes the lesson, he says: "Remember, even if you use Frank's fantastic photo facts, go down to the corner store, and snap your very own disposable, Digi-Cheap Disposable camera! It's Fantastic!" and then the commercial ends, just when the camera cuts off he insults the digi-cheap camera, then the video ends.


Action Shots

Actually there's 3 video-commercials around the internet: Composition, Red Eye Reduction and Action Shots.


Red Eye Reduction

The very first Frank's Foto Facts video. In this commercial, Frank talks about the best composition of the images, using the rule of thirds, a rule which may be used in the game.

Action ShotsEdit

In this second trailer, Frank shows how take nice action shots. This trailer is a hint on how to obtain more PP points while playing the game.

Red Eye ReductionEdit

In this commercial, Frank shows us the infamous red eyes of the zombies and how to hide them with the camera.


  • The Company responsible for the commercials are never revealed in the videos.

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