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Food Court (Dead Rising)
Food Court
Number of Store(s) 8
Psychopath Carlito Keyes
Survivor(s) Gil Jimenez
Scoop(s) The Drunkard
Dead Rising
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Dead rising PANORAMA food court atop sign F101 fast food COMPLETE
Dead rising PANORAMA food court near door COMPLETE

The Food Court is an area of Willamette Parkview Mall. It is connected to Leisure Park, Wonderland Plaza, and Al Fresca Plaza.

The restaurants and establishments in the Food Court have a large number of food on hand, as well as spacious seating and dining areas for patrons.

Frank helps Brad fight Carlito Keyes here during the case file Case 1-2: Backup for Brad.


Food Court Map


The following items are found in the Food Court, outside of the stores. For items in the stores, see their respective pages.

  • 44 Wine Casks scattered around the Food Court.
  • 28 Chairs in the dining area.
  • 3 Cacti in the dining area.
  • 2 Wine among the casks by the right stairs.
  • 2 Garbage Cans near the entrances to Al Fresca Plaza and Wonderland Plaza.
  • 1 Cardboard Box in the upper area of the stores, where Carlito is shot from.
  • 1 Submachine Gun on top of the Chris's Fine Foods sign.

PP StickersEdit


Food Court

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Dead rising pp dead rising pp food court bee sign Food Court Main Food Court sign with a Bee in the middle
Dead rising pp food court bull sign Food Court Food Court sign with a Bull in the middle
Dead rising pp food court cowboy cut out Food Court Cardboard cut out of a cowboy across from That's a Spicy Meatball!
Dead rising pp food court chriss fine foods sign Chris' Fine Foods Food Court Chris' Fine Foods sign
Dead rising pp chris's fine foods plates (10) Chris' Fine Foods Food Court Chris' Fine Foods bust in the middle of the plates
Dead rising teresas oven Teresa's Oven Food Court Teresa's Oven sign
Dead rising jade paradise Jade Paradise Food Court Jade Paradise sign
Frozen Dreams Sign PP Sticker Frozen Dreams Food Court Frozen Dreams sign
Dead rising dark bean The Dark Bean Food Court The Dark Bean sign
Dead rising meatys burgers Meaty's Burgers Food Court Meaty's Burgers sign
Dead rising central tacos Central Tacos Food Court Central Tacos sign


  • The Food Court marks the second appearance of the bee from the Entrance Plaza's clock tower.
  • When Frank and Brad are fighting Carlito, there are no zombies in the area, but some appear after the fight is over.
  • Entering or leaving the Food Court on Day 5 of infinity mode will sometimes cause the game to freeze.
  • Despite being the Food Court, there are no areas with unlimited food here.
  • There is no clothing in the Food Court.


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