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The Flare is a weapon which was removed from the final version of Dead Rising 2 for unknown reasons.

Although Sullivan uses a flare in the The Facts, to call down bombs, this flare has a different name, SullivanFlare and acts differently. Of all of the scrapped weapons, the flare is the most functional. All of its attack animations are available.


Dead rising flare main
* Main: Tap X/Square to swipe the flare. Chuck will put the flare into a zombies mouth. The flare is a bright red. The flare makes the zombie momentarily immobile and attract other zombies to the flare zombie.

After a few seconds, the flare disappears, and the zombie is free.


  • In the PC file items.txt the Flare has the display name number of 50722, which is for the Flare in the game text files.



Dead rising 2 Flare

Dead rising 2 Flare

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