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Fire Extinguisher (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Fire Extinguisher (Dead Rising 2)
Type Ranged
Uses 100% - 22 seconds real time
Location See article

The fire extinguisher is a weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Zombies sprayed with the fire extinguisher freeze for 30 seconds. During this 30 seconds, if Chuck hits the zombie or even bumps the zombie, the zombie will break into several pieces.

The fire extinguisher can be combined with a water gun to create the Snowball Cannon, or with a stick of dynamite to create the Freezer Bomb.

In Off the Record, it can be combined with an Escape Pod to create the Cryo Pod.

It also can put out fires.


Dead rising fire extinguisher main
*Main: Unlike its Dead Rising counterpart, the fire extinguisher in Dead Rising 2 can be used to freeze zombies solid, after which they shatter when struck by a melee weapon, earning 20 prestige points for each zombie killed. It takes about 3 percent of the fuel in a fire extinguisher to freeze a zombie. The fire extinguisher is depleted half as fast when used at a distance.


Case ZeroEdit

  1. Uncle Bill's Department Store

Dead Rising 2Edit

  1. Americana Casino
  2. Atlantica Casino
  3. Hamburger Fiefdom (Dead Rising 2)
  4. Fortune City Arena
  5. Fortune Park
  6. Palisades Mall
  7. The Cleroux Collection
  8. Paradise Platinum Screens
  9. Royal Flush Plaza
  10. Antoine's
  11. Casual Gals
  12. Roy's Mart
  13. Wily Travels
  14. Safe House
  15. Silver Strip
  16. Rockets Red Glare
  17. Slot Ranch Casino
  18. Yucatan Casino
  19. Shoal Nightclub



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