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Fire Axe (Dead Rising 2)
Type Melee
Uses 35
Location Fortune City

The fire axe is a weapon in Dead Rising 2. It can be combined with sledge hammer to make a Defiler.


  • Yucatan Casino - In the Maintenance Hallway through the door on the right side of Snowflake's Habitat.
  • Safe House - Main Door (Sealed) on the wall with the bathroom and then past the windows of the security room.


  • Primary: Tap 360 X button to perform a quick horizontal swing with the axe.
    • Combo: Quickly tap 360 X button again to perform a follow-up swing.
  • Secondary: Hold 360 X button and Chuck will swing the axe down vertically, slicing off a zombie's limb or a piece of their head.
  • Thrown: Hold Ltrigger and tap 360 X button or Righttrigger to throw the axe end-over-end. If it hits a zombie, the blade will embed itself into them and kill them instantly.


  • In the beta version of Dead Rising 2, the fire axe could bisect enemies, but due to problems, the axe can only decapicate, not bisect.

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