Faster Than a Speeding Zombie
Dead rising Faster Than a Speeding Zombie
Difficulty StarStar
Item Stock Lead Pipe
Cooking Oil (30)
Well Done Steak
Enemies Zombies
Location Paradise Plaza
Mission Number 11
"There's some super-quick zombies out there! Are they really even zombies?? Frank, go check it out quick!"

Faster Than a Speeding Zombie is an Odd Job in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Frank must kill speed enhanced Zombies.


In this mission, Frank will have to kill 35 insanely fast zombies. Frank's only weapons are the lead pipe and cooking oil. When Frank starts out, quickly throw some cooking oil in front of him; the zombies that attack will trip and die.

If any zombies get close to Frank, smack them with the pipe. Once Frank kills the initial group, move to the right in the mall. Throw some oil at the idle zombies, so when they try to run towards Frank they will fall and die.[1]


  • The Cooking Oil will often kill zombies in one hit, which is helpful to getting an S rank in the mission.
  • Frank wears a suit and sunglasses.
  • These zombies are also found in I Want to Ride my Bicycle.
  • The name of this Odd Job is a reference to one of the descriptions of Superman in the old 1920's serials, "faster than a speeding bullet"
  • Otis's description maybe a parody of the controversy posed by some zombie fans that running zombies are not true zombies.


  1. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - Odd Jobs, S Ranks (Missions 7-11), Youtube.

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