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Electric Rake (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Electric Rake
Type Combo Weapon/Melee
How to Make Battery + Leaf Rake
Uses 50
Strength Great
Speed Fast
PP 200 (400 with combo card)
Fits in Inventory No
"Powerful arcs of electricity will fry any zombie within reach."
—Combo Card Description

The Electric Rake is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, made by combining a battery with a leaf rake.

When used against large clusters of zombies, the electricity will chain to attack more zombies near the others. The electric rake is too big to be carried in inventory.

Whenever the Electric Rake makes contact with a zombie via its thrusting attack, arcs of electricity will appear at its 'head' for a brief period of time. If this part of the weapon makes contact with another zombie before the arcs disappear, regardless if the weapon is being thrust or not, electricity will arc more than normal. This can be done by turning Chuck quickly enough to hit another zombie without pressing the attack button. If done correctly between thrusts, the weapon can electrify more zombies even if they are not in direct contact with the weapon.

Hitting a zombie with the electric rake rewards Chuck with 400 prestige points if Chuck has the rake's combo card (200 prestige points without).

This combo weapon has been described as:

"Imagine a rake. Now send millions of volts of electricity through it and then go and poke zombies with it."[1]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit


Dead rising electric rake main
  • Thrust attack: Press 360 X button for an attack that zaps a zombie with a powerful charge of electricity. The attack can arc to other nearby zombies.

Weapon Component LocationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Electric Rake.

Dead rising Battery

Location icon Case Zero
Alleyway next to Ed's Friendly Barber Shop
Dead Rising 2

Location icon Americana Casino Cashier and Vault Area
Location icon Americana Casino - Maintenance Room 28 across from Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack
Location icon Fortune Park - Maintenance Room 12 (1) (inside) center grotto
Location icon Royal Flush Plaza - Maintenance Room 2 in the back (wheelchair right side of Tunemakers)
Location icon Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 14 Entrance to Fortune Park
Location icon Slot Ranch Casino Cashier and Vault Area
Location icon Underground - Warehouse A Maintenance Room 29
Location icon Underground - North tunnel Maintenance Room 31
Location icon Yucatan Casino Cashier and Vault Area
Location icon Uranus Zone (1)

Leaf Rake
Dead rising Leaf Rake
Location icon Big Buck Hardware (∞)

Location icon Brockett Gas Station
Location icon Uncle Bill's Department Store (∞)
Location icon Fortune Park Main Area
Location icon Fortune Park - Maintenance Room 12 (1) (outside) center grotto
Location icon Royal Flush Plaza First Floor Main Area
Location icon Safe House (Rooftop)

Location icon Underground - North tunnel Maintenance Room 31


Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Lance (Weapon),
  2. Pitchfork,
  3. Swordfish



  1. Frushtick, Russ. 'Dead Rising 2' Combo Weapons Guide - Duct Tape Is Your Friend, MTV. (August 31, 2010).

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