Do Not Try This at Home is a single-player Sandbox Challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Location: Fortune City Arena.

Prerequisites: 1,800 kills

Mission: Get as much PP as you can in 3 minutes!


  • Gold (40,000 PP)
  • Silver (10,000 PP)
  • Bronze (5,000 PP)


  • Gold: $40,000
  • Silver: $20,000
  • Bronze: $10,000


  • The easiest way to achieve the Gold medal is by using Hail Marys, with the combo card (unlocked at rank 27) which will give you 500PP per kill. You will probably get Gold within 10 seconds.
  • Another method is using the boomstick's secondary attack with the combo card. Two of them should be enough.
  • Another possiblity is to use the Dynameat. Each Dynameat should net about 45 kills, so bring 2-3. If you lack the Combo Card, bring twice as many Dynameats. 
  • The Air Horn is also quite effective as it gives 500PP per kill. Drink a Repulse and stand in front of the crowds and fire away. You can make 2 Air Horns in the nearby Maintenance Area.

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