Destroy the Loaders to Escape
Destroy the Loaders to Escape
Previous Mission Find a Way Out
Next Mission Get to Karaoke Bar

Destroy the Loaders to Escape is the final mission during Chapter 6 in Dead Rising 3.


As Nick tries to make his final escape out of the train yard, Marian activates loaders throughout the train yard that Nick must defeat before he can advance. The loaders are giant mechanical arms that will try to swipe at Nick and crush him.

After defeating all of the loaders, there will be a cut scene before Nick manages to escape the train station. This will also end the chapter.


Nick will lose everything in his inventory before the fight begins, so it's worth trying to make some combo weapons out of the seemingly harmless weapons found in the laboratory. A Bonesaw combined with a bottle of Household Cleaner will make the Flaming Sword, and a Fire Extinguisher mixed with a Desk Lamp will make a Pummel Blast, which is incredibly effective against the Loaders, and will finish them in seconds.


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