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Denyce Calloway
Denyce headshot
Age 21
Notebook Number 111
Notebook Description A respected pharmacist with an addiction to nasal spray. Found in Roy's Mart.
Weapon None
Location Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza
Scoop(s) Zombrex 1

"Those guys were stealing everything. Thanks for saving my life."
—Denyce, upon reaching the safe house

Denyce Calloway is a survivor in Dead Rising 2. She was held hostage by three looters who were pillaging Roy's Mart.


Dead Rising 2Edit

Dead Rising 2 Denyce Calloway
Denyce pleads for her life

Zombrex 1Edit

Denyce worked as a pharmacist at Roy's Mart before the Fortune City zombie outbreak. She was hiding from zombies inside the store when a trio of looters broke into the store. They loot the market as she cowers behind the pharmacy counter. One of the looters gets frustrated with the lack of valuables in the remaining merchandise and demands Denyce to show them the safe. She tries to tell him that the store does not have a safe, but the looter does not believe her and threatens to hit her with his crowbar.

Chuck Greene, seeking Zombrex for his daughter Katey, enters the store at this point. He orders the looter to let Denyce go, causing all three of the looters to turn on him. Once he has defeated them, he finds Denyce hiding from the looters behind the counter, and can offer to escort her to the Safe House. If he does so, she will happily agree.

If Chuck arrives after 8:00 p.m., he will find Denyce alone in Roy's Mart. She thanks him for getting here and tells him that the looters have already left. He then offers to bring her back to the Safe House.


Depending on the ending, Denyce was either rescued by a helicopter sent by the Channel 6 News Station, or killed by the military firebombing.


Denyce Calloway Death Scene(00:26)
Denyce is killed by zombies!

Prestige PointsEdit

  • Join Bonus: 5,000 PP
  • Escort Bonus: 10,000 PP


  • Denyce shares a character model with Sharon Riesinger.
  • Pharmacists usually spend four to six years within school, but Denyce's age is listed as 21.
  • There is an achievement for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, named "Alpha Vs. Omega", which requires getting Denyce to attack Dwight Boykin, one of the last bosses in the game; meaning that the player will have to keep her outside of the Safe Room for the majority of the game. 
  • She has a very high fire rate with the Six Shooter making her quite the ally against many psychopaths
  • in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record  she seems to be the preferred passenger in a 2 seater making it easier to isolate her from the other survivors
  • For an unknown reason, Denyce has twice as much health as a normal survivor, an attribute she shares in common with Luz Palmer and Tomomi Miyamoto both of whom can't be given food. In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, this helps keep her alive throughout the game for earning the aforementioned "Alpha Vs. Omega" achievement. Chiefly while securing the bunker, and while leaving her in fortune park during the helicopter battle


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