The Dead Rising 2 Soundtrack consists of songs that are played in the game Dead Rising 2.

Track ListingEdit

1. Celldweller - Switchback (Roger and Reed)

2. Celldweller - I Believe You (Seymour)

3. Celldweller - Narrow Escape (Ted and Snowflake)

4. Celldweller - Eon (Brandon)

5. Celldweller - Own Little World (Chef Antoine)

6. Blue Stahli - Scrape (Sgt. Boykin)

7. Blue Stahli - Shiny (Randy)

8. Celldweller - Kill The Sound (Credits)

9. Keiji Inafune - Terror is Reality (Leon, lyrical version plays during the Overtime Credits)

10. Keiji Inafune - Mascot (Brent)

11. Keiji Inafune - Postman (Carl)

12. Keiji Inafune - Metal Theme (Trailer, also plays during the train chase in Case 2-2: Ticket to Ride)

13. Patricia Drake - Amore (Bibi, also plays during the Overtime Credits)

14. Keiji Inafune - Club Dance (Amber and Crystal)

15. Keiji Inafune - Militia Men (Hunters)

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