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Dead Rising 2 features four "Paradise" skill packs, which are premium sets of clothing, originally available as pre-order bonuses and which become available for purchase on the XBL Marketplace (XBLM), Games For Windows Live (GFWL) and PlayStation Network (PSN) in October, 2010 [1][2]. The four skill packs each feature different attribute bonuses and unique skills. In order to play a game with someone who possesses a Skill Pack, you must download the Free Pack for that Pack from XBLM, GFWL or PSN.


Dead Rising2 bonusLG
Ninja Skills Pack

Originally available for pre-order DLC, the Ninja Pack was first available on October 5, 2010 (Japan) and on PSN and Xbox Live on November 2, 2010.

  • Pre-Order Dead Rising 2 or purchace the DLC and receive the Ninja Theme Pack. The pack includes 4 pieces of Ninja clothing:
    • Head: Ninja Cowl - "Classic assassin headgear"
    • Face: Ninja Mask - "Hides your identity from your enemies"
    • Feet: Tabi Boots - "Perfect for sneaking about"
    • Body: Ninja Shozoku - "Comfort and stealth, all in one package"
  • When Chuck wears just one piece of the outfit, it unlocks new abilities in Frank associated with the Ninja theme. When all 4 pieces of the outfit are worn, additional Ninja-like animations are also unlocked! Theme Pack does not include sword. Available online and in-store while supplies last.
  • Stealth: While wearing any part of the outfit Chuck is nearly undetectable to standard zombies. Psychopaths and Gas Zombies can detect you normally however.
  • Wearing all pieces (Some players can wear just one piece of the outfit but this may only work sometimes) unlocks a superior set of attacks while using following weapons:
  • Stacked throwing items (Nails, Plates, Gems, CDs, etc.) will also do more damage and Chuck’s throwing speed is increased.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Item Locations

Ninja Cowl: Found in the "secret room" in the Royal Flush Plaza. climb up on the red telephone booth on the second floor and the path will take you to the room, there will also be a Katana Sword to go along with it and some sushi too.

Ninja Mask: Found in the small room near the entrance to the Shoal Nightclub at the Yucatan Casino.

Ninja Shozoku: Kill 1,337 zombies.

Tabi boots: Found in the The Man's Sport in Uranus Zone.

Sports FanEdit

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Sportsfan Skills Pack

Originally available from Best Buy, the Sports Fan Pack is available on XBLM on October 12, 2010 and will be available on PSN and GFWL on October 26, 2010.

Wearing just one item from the pack provides the following bonuses:

  • Increased Power for All Sports Weapons: Baseball bats swing harder, balls bounce more, and the years of armchair coaching pay off when sports-themed weapons become greater tools of zombie destruction.
  • Unique Attack: Grab a football and plow down the undead competition with a powerful running stiff-arm.
  • Better Health Recovery: Who can go into the big game without half-time snacks? Chuck regenerates one extra health block for each food or drink item he consumes. This is added in to other bonuses: a Snack normally only heals one health bar, but with the SF outfit, it heals two. If Chuck carries Health 2, it will heal three. (Note:The health block is added after any health magazines you have.)
  • Permanent Alcohol Tolerance: Chuck will no longer get sick when knocking back one too many alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, vodka, etc. This is especially handy when combined with the Beer Hat.
  • Increased Gambling Winnings: Your luck goes further than the field. Sports Fan Chuck will gain $100 more whenever he wins in the casinos (added before any other bonuses).
  • Chuck's running speed increases.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Item Locations

Sports Fan Face Paint: From the second floor of the Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino, go to the balcony and jump from chandelier to chandelier until you reach a ledge. The face paint will be on a cardboard box.

Sports Fan Helmet: On a clothing rack in the backroom of Hot Excitorama.

Sports Fan Clothes: On a clothing rack in the KokoNutz Sports Town, in the Palisades Mall.

Sports Fan Cleats: On a shoe box in the SporTrance in the Royal Flush Plaza.


The Soldier Pack is available on XBLM, GFWL and PSN on October 19, 2010. The soldier outfit will double the shots of any weapon you hold. When you shoot with the LMG, Chuck will hold and shoot it with one arm and shout. (The picture in the XBLM is a reference to predator as it shows Chuck in the main poster for the movie instead of Dutch)
Soldier Pack

Soldier Pack

With the soldier costume, you can "Rambo out" with:

  • Double ammo
  • Increased shooting accuracy, the LMG will have no excessive recoil even in full automatic fire.
  • More firepower and increased headshot accuracy.
  • Chuck will also have a new special attack when using automatic weapons, spraying zombies with a hail of bullets.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Item Locations

Soldier Goggles: Buy the goggles from Moe Maginations Pawnshop on the Platinum Strip for a cost of $2,000,000.

Soldier Facepaint: Go to Shank's in the Palisades Mall. To the right of the door are display heads showing the Mohawk and Shaved hairstyles. The face paint is on the head closest to the counter.

Soldier Boots: Enter South Plaza from the Arena. Head straight until you see the neon "Ultimate Playhouse" sign. DO NOT GO IN. Enter the worksite to the right of it. there should be 3 boxes with white stripes on them. Approach them and put on the boots.

Soldier Clothes: Defeat Sgt. Boykin in Case 7-2 or defeat Sgt. Boykin when he spawns in Sandbox Mode. Refer to guides on this site if you need assistance on killing him.


Originally available with the High Stakes Edition, the Psycho Skills pack is available on XBLM, GFWL and PSN on October 12, 2010 for $1.99 US.

thumb|right|300px|Dead Rising 2 Psycho DLC Trailer

Psycho Pack

Psycho Pack

  • Pre-Order Dead Rising 2 or purchase the DLC and receive the Psycho Skills Pack. The pack includes 4 pieces of Psycho clothing:
    • Head: Psycho Hair - "A visage that reflects your weary work."
    • Face: Psycho Mask - "Being crazy is wrong, but it feels so right."
    • Body: Psycho Shirt - "Blood stains are a badge of Honor."
    • Feet: Psycho Boots - "Who said serial murder can't be stylish?"

In Dead Rising 2:Off The Record, the four pieces of the psycho outfit can be found or unlocked around Fortune City. Unlike Dead Rising 2 where you only had to wear one piece of the outfit for the effects to work, you have to wear all four pieces of the costume to make the effects work. This is how the costume parts can be unlocked:

Psycho Hair - in Fortune Park, you must go to Paradise Platinum Screens located on the Platinum Strip between 12 AM & 2 PM. Around this time a "time share video" will be playing. You must enter the cinema and watch this video to unlock the hair.

Psycho Mask - the mask can be found within the Swept Away chapel on the Silver Strip.

Psycho Shirt - the shirt can be earned by defeating psychopath Carl Schliff during the case Mail Order Zombrex.

Psycho Boots - the boots can be found in the corner of the survelliance room in the Fortune City Arena.

Dead Rising 2 Psycho costume

A closer look at the Psycho attire, minus the boots.

  • Special Attacks: The Meat Cleaver, Mining Pick, and Machete gain special animations.
  • Reduced Damage: Your years of killing have built up a natural tolerance to pain.


  • The outfits can be combined (NOT in Off The Record. Only one bonus suit works at a time there). As long as you wear at least one item from either of the four outfits, you can combine them to make Chuck the ultimate zombie slayer.
  • The Psycho outfit seems to be a reference to Leatherface (the gloves, butcher's apron) from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Jason Voorhees (the worn Hockey mask) from Friday the 13th.
  • In Dead Rising 2 Off The Record The four Paradise Skill Packs can be earned or bought from pawnshops instead of buying.
  • The Pickaxe special move is very similar to the Nailbat.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the Soldier outfit is the hardest outfit to obtain. The reasons being that you need $2,000,000 and you must defeat Sgt. Boykin. This is different from the Psycho outfit, which only requires you to kill Carl Schiff to obtain the clothes, and the rest of the pieces only have you finding them or watching a movie. Although, if you tend to wait to long, you must fight Randy to get the Psycho mask.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the 'Ninja' and 'Sports Fan' outfits are the easiest to obtain. Both outfits only require you to find all the pieces scattered about Fortune City, or defeating a certain number of zombies.
  • All the outfits can be obtained in Sandbox Mode, eliminating the need to play Story Mode to get them. This is useful, as both the Carl and Dwight psychopath battles are not initiated until late in the game. There is a glitch with the Psycho hair where No Movie will be playing during the time the the "Time Share" video should be playing.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the Sports Fan outfit's special football run does not appear to work when playing as for Frank.
  • The Soldier outfit's weapon holster, unlike the SWAT Outfit, is empty.
  • With the Soldier Skill Pack, the ammunition count may revert to its normal count after using the locker in the safehouse to strip naked or put on Chuck's Default Clothes. Putting on the Soldier Outfit fixes this, and then the player is free to wear any clothing besides Chuck's Default Clothes or going naked without an ammunition reduction.

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