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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
Developer Blue Castle Games
Publisher Capcom
Platforms Xbox Live Arcade
Release date NA August 31, 2010

EU August 31, 2010

Game modes Single Player
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18+

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is an exclusive downloadable game for Xbox Live Arcade, released on August 31, 2010 in North America and Europe. The game's release in Japan was late, due to concern about the game's content.[1]

The game costs $4.99 on the Xbox Live Marketplace and bridges the link between the events of the first Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. It is one hour long, equivalent to 12 hours in Dead Rising time. In February 2014, the game became free to download for users with an Xbox Live Gold Membership for the month. 

The game takes place two years after the events of the original Dead Rising, and three years before the events of Dead Rising 2. It was re-released with the Dead Rising Collection.

Plot SummaryEdit

Chuck and Katey find their way in the town of Still Creek after escaping from the Las Vegas outbreak. After their vehicle is stolen, Chuck must rebuild a broken motorbike that he finds in order to escape the city before the military arrive.

Story ModeEdit

Case Zero takes place over a 12 hour (in game) period. There is no other mode available.


Spoilers: Warning! there are spoilers below. If you haven't played the game.. skip this section. (Skip section)

Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey are fleeing from the outbreak in Las Vegas, where Katey's mother turned into a zombie and bit Katey. Chuck hears on the radio that the military has set up a 50 mile perimeter around Las Vegas, which includes a nearby town called Still Creek, 46 miles away from the overrun city. The military is planning on quarantining the entire zone and screening everyone at the blockades, one of which is at the eastern end of the town.

After Chuck and Katey arrive in the desert town of Still Creek, they stop at a gas station for supplies. Chuck gets out, and places his hand near the grill of his truck, presumably hot. Their truck and supply of Zombrex is soon stolen by a survivor. Unfortunately for Chuck, the last of the soldiers at the blockade have been killed, leaving him and his daughter trapped in the overrun town without help. Whilst searching an overturned ambulance for Zombrex, he overhears from the radio of a dead soldier that the military plans on taking back the town come nightfall; now Chuck not only has to survive, but has to find an escape route as soon as possible, or risk losing his daughter to the military.

In addition to finding Zombrex and bike parts, he also rescues several survivors; however, he also meets a psychotic mechanic who knows Katey is infected and wants to kill her for his "trophy" collection. Chuck is forced to kill him to defend his daughter. Just as the military arrives, Chuck is able to escape the town with his daughter while the rest of the survivors in the safe house are collected and brought to safety in military custody.

Later on, Chuck comes across his truck with the driver that stole it dead inside from unknown causes. Large amounts of steam is seen emanating from the hood - the engine overheated. Chuck gets off the bike and goes to the truck to scavenge their supplies; their supply of Zombrex, Katey's backpack, a picture of Katey, and his Motocross jacket. Chuck puts on the jacket, gets back on the bike with Katey, and rides off to an unknown location where the military cannot find him.


Main article: Endings (Case Zero)

There are 6 possible endings that the player can achieve in Case Zero. The final ending will reflect on Chuck's actions during his stay in Still Creek.

Gameplay FeaturesEdit

  • Chuck will still be able to level up and craft weapons, but is only able to reach level 5.
  • There are only 9 combo weapons available.
  • There are 10 saveable survivors.
  • An important feature of Case Zero is the ability to take any progress learned by the player (such as levels and weapons) and transfer them to Dead Rising 2. This allowed Xbox 360 players to get a head start on leveling up before Dead Rising 2 was released.
  • Exclusive items, including costumes which can be unlocked for Dead Rising 2 by playing Case Zero, including Overalls, the Hunting Jacket, the Diner Waitress and the Bowling Shirt.
  • Unlike both Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, there is no transceiver. Instead, Bob Blackrock announces any survivors that he's seen in a location around town.


  • If the game is left on the pause screen for some time, the mall music from Dead Rising will play.
  • There is a way to get outside of the map when you are in the safe area. Open the door near the bathroom so it opens outward (toward the junkyard). Stand on the barrels near the door and jump on top of the door. This may take a few tries. Then climb on top of the shed and you will be outside of the map. Since you are technically still in the safe area, you cannot attack, and there are some spots (namely the road) that if you walk on them you will reappear outside the safe area near the van that Dick the shop owner stands on. You can walk on the road that Chuck rides his motorcycle on in ending A, though there are some invisible walls that take some effort to get around.
  • A bug may occur if one purchases too much Zombrex where Bob will not wave for any missions.
  • Case Zero was originally going to be just a demo for Dead Rising 2.
  • In the opening sequence, during the scene where Chuck runs into the safehouse with Katey, a propane tank appears out of nowhere.
  • When Bob Blackrock mentions missions, he will call them scoops, even though Chuck is a motorcyclist, not a reporter.
    • This may be an error from the previous Dead Rising game or just a developer oversight.


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