Darcy Screenshot
Age 24
Job Blogger

Darcy is a character in Dead Rising 4.

Darcy is a young and enthusiastic blogger who works with Paula during the current outbreak happening in Willamette. He largely intends to gather information about the situation to keep the citizens of Willamette informed. Although Darcy has good intentions, he is naive to how much of a threat the masterminds behind the outbreak pose. He idolises Frank West and is always eager to help in any way that he can.

He is featured in several Undead Gospel podcasts. He is also one of the "Persons of Interest" that can be photographed.

Dead Rising 4Edit

Frank meets Darcy while exploring the quarantine area at the end of Case 1. After gathering evidence, Frank will find that Darcy has entered the scene. He seems eager to gather information for the story of what's happened to cause the outbreak. He will tell Frank to go speak to his "girlfriend" Paula who has information about the organization (named Obscuris) who may be behind the outbreak.

Later, Darcy is captured by Fontana while spying on Obscuris in Case 2. He is spared, due to Vick's presence at the time. Frank later finds Darcy tied up but unharmed at the end of Case 2. Frank refuses to untie Darcy, believing he'll be a burden and continues on without him. 

Darcy manages to reunite with Paula and hide at the West Ridge Emergency Shelter. Unfortunately, they are locked in without weapons pinned by Tom's men. After opening the shelter and clearing it out, Darcy can be found with Paula, Connor, Isaac and Jessa.